This is the first post in our new series, “Awesome low cost high value marketing tactics for your small business.”

If the web runs off of anything, it runs off of content!

Now, don’t try to correct me and tell me that the Internet runs off of servers, routers, modems, and cables. I understand how the infrastructure works, but without content, there would be no need for that infrastructure.

The internet has evolved greatly over the past few years. Some might even say “hughly!”

But there is one thing that is continuously lacking and that is impressive content.

There is so much content on the internet. So many blog posts, web pages, landing pages, eBooks, pictures, videos, etc. So much information!

This truly is such an amazing gift that we’ve been given. You can literally find out almost anything that you want online, but there is a drawback.

Follow my progression here:

  • As the internet evolved, search engines were invented to help people filter through that content.
  • As people began using those search engines they realized that they could advertise to those searchers and make money off of them.
  • The content developers realized that in order for them to make money they needed to develop more content to attract the search engines to bring more people to their whales so they could sell them more stuff.
  • So we’ve now come to a snowball effect of more and more content being developed for the web.

But isn’t this a good thing?

Well, it would be if people actually created good content. The problem is people don’t!

They take other people’s content and regurgitate it and spit out more of the same stuff that’s already out there. So instead of adding valuable content to the internet, they’re actually diluting the great content and distracting people with their mediocre content.

So we’re left now with a void of highly valuable content.

Do you want to create a real following for your business? -> Create great content.

Do you want to make more sales? -> Create great content.

Do you want to create more leads? -> Create great content.

Do you want to… -> you get the point!

What is great content?

Our first bit of advice in creating massively successful content – create content about what you know.

Take the knowledge and expertise you have and find ways to create summarized bits of information and offer it in, let’s say a blog post on your website.

Look no further than successful Internet marketing blogs for this. You know great content when you read it and on the same token, you know mediocre rehashed content that a million other websites have written about.

Take your engagers on a journey

Let’s face it, some people are dry. Maybe you’re that somebody, but try to find ways to intrigue the people who are consuming your content.

Synonymously synonyms

Mix up your words, not like the order, but use synonyms and add in dynamic wording choices instead of your normal boring verbiage.

Fantastic stories

Try taking your content and write it like you were telling it as a story to your son or daughter before bed. Doesn’t have to be the whole of the content, but having a section of your content that is simple and a little fantastic will go along way in engaging your visitors.

Tell personal stories

For whatever reason, people like people. They like feeling personally engaged.

Give people some struggles and how you overcame those difficulties. Or maybe tell people what was going on in your life when you learned what you’re about to explain in your content.

Don’t get stuck in the weeds. Describe in broad strokes. If it’s a story from when you were a child, maybe we don’t need to know the story is from a time when you were 5 years old, had a broken arm, living on Brickmore St, and your three-year-old dog just got ran over the before your story takes place.

Provide the details that are needed for the story to carry the weight and message that it needs to, just avoid giving unnecessary details.

Diversify your content

So there’s a lot more that could be said here, but the last thing I’m going to say is to be diverse in your content medium and delivery.

Try creating various different forms of content. Try some of the following:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Screen Captures
  • Selfie videos
  • Explanation videos
  • Audio records
  • eBooks

Also, try delivering your content through different mediums:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Exclusive subscription content

By providing different kinds of content and delivering that content in different ways you create more of an interactive experience for your website visitors.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some value from this information and we look forward to delivering you more from our series, “Awesome low-cost high-value marketing tactics for your small business”

For some more tips, try checking out this video

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